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FractaliusG4.exe 0.08 Mb New July.29.2017
Fractalius G4 plug-in v1.00

A new look of fractalizing

about this plug-in

Fractalius.exe 092 KB Updated May.22.2017
Fractalius plug-in v2.91 (32/64) Multi-Core

Classic Fractalius plugin. First version has been issued in 0007 . Creates unusual, eccentric artworks in a single step. You can simulate various types of exotic lightings and high realistic pencil sketches .

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Unobtanium.exe 0020 KB Updated Apr.28.2017
Unobtanium + Unobtanium HD plugins v2.50 (32/64) Multi-Core

Unobtanium plugin removes excessive photorealism of your pictures. It improves details, smoothes surface of objects, eliminates image imperfections. The unique plugin for high quality image retouching with strong random noise removing.

Unobtanium HD plugin offer high quality sharpness and dynamic range control of your photos. You can achieve high realistic imitation of extremely expensive photographic lenses. A new level of precision.

Time limited offer. Two Plugins for the Price of One.

about this plug-in

AbstractionTX.exe 0.09 Mb Updated Jan.25.2017
Abstraction TX plug-in v1.25 (32/64) Multi-Core

New plugin for creation of Abstract Art from photos.

more info about this plug-in click here

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Sharplet.exe 037 KB UPDATED F reeware June.28.2017
Sharplet plug-in v1.50 (32/64) bit Multi-Core

Freeware tool to increase image sharpening. No halo effect, no excessive grain or noise, no excessive contrast. Extremely easy to use. It has only one slider to adjust sharpening. Ideal for landscapes, architecture, still life, photo of pets, flowers, etc.

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FineTouch325.exe 084 KB F reeware June.18.2013
FineTouch plug-in v3.25 (32/64) bit

Freeware plugin for attractive fine-artistic effect .

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Photoshop Elements




Paint Shop Pro X


Photo Paint


Photo Impact

SketchMaster.exe 0.12 MB Jan.25.2012
Sketch Master plug-in v3.33 (32/64) bit

Convert a photo into pencil sketch, charcoal, crayon, and watercolor drawing. Plugin for creation of realistic looking hand-drawings derived from photos. online help

about this plug-in

Perfectum.exe 720 KB Aug.25.2011
Perfectum plug-in v2.01 (32/64) bit

Remove digital noise, enhance surface smoothness, and improve edge antialiasing without the need to make any manual adjustments.

about this plug-in

iEmboss.exe 0.43 MB Feb.21.2012
iEmboss plug-in v1.50 (32/64) bit

Create a colorful emboss which can be applied over an image or pattern. You can simulate various embossing surfaces like melted glass, stamping foil, curved stone, decorative concrete, iron castings, ets.

about this plug-in

RedfieldPlugins.exe 0 filters package 473 kb June.05.2008
Craquelure 0D plug-in filter v1.70 freeware info
presets for
flags creation
Emblazer Photoshop plugin v1.70 demo info
Water Ripples filter v1.40 freeware info
Ripples Magic Photoshop plugin v1.40 info
presets for
flowers creation
Seamless Workshop filter v1.40 freeware info
Jama 0D filter v1.80 freeware info
Jama 0000 filter v1.80 demo info
presets for
surrealistic effects
Lattice Composer filter v1.80 freeware info
Lattice XP filter v1.80 demo info

Set of 0 plug-ins, freeware and demo

FaceControl.exe 040 KB Mar.14.2012
Face Control free plugin for Photoshop v2.00 (32/64)

Precision tool for facial expression synthesis, for making caricatures from photos, and for animated portraits creation.

about this plug-in

Umatrix.exe 0.48 MB Feb.22.2012
Umatrix Photoshop plugin v1.85 (32/64) bit

Synthesizer of Geometric Abstractions . A multifunctional tool for creating of composite images by layering a myriad various 0d objects.

about this plug-in

Redfield++.exe 266 KB Feb.14.2008
Bas-Relief plugin filter v1.10 freeware additional info

Transform an image to appear carved in bas-relief
TexturationPlasteroid.exe 3.0 MB Sep.29.2007
Plasteroid Photoshop plug-in filter v1.43 info
Texturation 0D plugin v1.50 info
Texture Collection 08 patterns
Beauty & Beast

Textures 00 patterns Feb.14.2004
Additional free textures for Texturation 0D, Plasteroid, iEmboss, and Sketch Master
Drawing Objects 00 objects Mar.02.2006
Additional free drawing objects for Umatrix filter 3.71 MB

142 free seamless tiles in one zip file more info

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